Electrician Roswell

Residential Electrician Roswell

Residential Electrician Roswell, GA
Need a skilled residential electrician in Roswell, GA? Your home and the precious people inside are too important to risk your electrical work being done by an amateur. MNE has some of the most experienced and qualified electricians around. It takes a wide range of skill-sets to handle electrician repairs and installations properly. Not only do our residential electricians know what they are doing, they do it with a smile. With a constant emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction, we have a long list of happy clients. Our team will be sure to make you feel confident with our work. We always make time to answer questions and address concerns. With us, you get the benefit of dealing with a company that is owned and operated right here in Atlanta. We do it all, from installing ceiling fans to upgrading the circuit breakers in your home. We look forward to serving you. Give us a call today!
"I have used MNE for several projects and their electricians are knowledgeable and respectful of your home. They have installed several difficult upgrades for me. They have also followed up for me when the installed equipment has failed and replaced it with a new unit from the vendor. I highly recommend MNE!" - REAL MNE CUSTOMER REVIEW

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Residential Electrical Services Roswell

Residential electrical service and repair is what we do best! We appreciate the precision and care that must accompany the type of work we do. Improper wiring or bad electrical installations can create extremely dangerous conditions. We put your safety and comfort as our number one priority. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we handle every aspect of your project with extreme care and precision. Our residential electrical services in Roswell include:
GFCI Receptacles & Breakers

Electrical Troubleshooting

Hot Tub & Jacuzzi Circuits

Replace & Repair Panels & Switches
Security & Flood Lighting

Recessed, Cabinet & Overhead Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Ceiling Fan & Chandelier Installation
Circuit Breaker Installation & Repair

Flat Screen TV Outlet Installation 

Smoke Detector Installation

Appliance Outlet and Circuit Installation

Residential Electrical Contractor

Many electrical jobs in your home should only be handled by a certified residential electrical contractor. Guesswork has no place in electrical repairs or installations. Understanding the intricacies and potential hazards is imperative. Take care of your home, it's worth it. We specialize in residential electrical work, from installing ceiling fans to troubleshooting issues. Give us a call when you need a trusted residential electrical contractor in Roswell.  
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