Electrical Dangers: When Do I Call An Electrician?

Here are just a few examples when you should definitely call an electrician. When in doubt about any electrical safety or wiring, call an experienced electrician!!
  • Lights dim or flicker when major appliances or air conditioner starts.

  • Buzzing or crackling noise in your panel.

  • Circuit breakers need to be reset frequently.

  • Frequent tripping of GFCI receptacles.

  • Numerous multi-receptacle add-ons and plug strips are necessary to accommodate all your electronics, lamps and appliances. 

  • Cracked, frayed or otherwise damaged wiring, regardless if it appears to still be working.

  • Shock from any fixture or discoloration around switch plate or outlet.

  • Any major home renovation or remodeling projects.

  • Whenever you need to do anything that requires a connection to the electrical supply.

  • You have not had a home electrical inspection in the last 5-7 years.

  • You are buying/selling a home – schedule a home electrical inspection.

  • Your home is older than 25 years old and you have never upgraded your electrical system - definitely schedule a home electrical inspection!

Outdoor Electrical Safety Is Critical

  • Always keep yourself and equipment at least 10’ away from power lines. Electricity can jump to nearby objects.

  • Always call before you dig – many power lines are buried.

  • Use GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) and weatherproof boxes or covers for outside outlets.

  • Do not use indoor extension cords outside, only use extension cords marked “for outdoor use”.

  • Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs should be inspected by an electrician every year to ensure safety and applicable electrical codes are followed.

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